Why Awkward, Found Object Weddings Beat Stressing Over Centerpieces

Moneymoneymoneymoney…MONEY! Yup, part of the “Why?” for The One Year Wedding has a few zeroes attached. Even though we were lucky to have family support for our planned March 8th wedding, we were still looking at our own five figure contribution. Some crazy amount equivalent to our entire joint income for 2013.

Yeah, no.

Sure, we could have pulled it off. But, pulling off our March 8th wedding would have required us to leave something behind — namely, each other.

Before we started The One Year Wedding, the mounting pressure to afford our One Day Wedding was driving a wedge between us. I don’t think I made eye contact with Roberto for the entire month of November — I was so focused on filling up my client roster, so we could fill up our reception hall with flowers and food and fancy centerpieces.

Centerpieces I stressed and fretted and even sobbed over in the ten minutes a day I allotted for wedding planning. Now that I am 41 days into The One Year Wedding, I finally have the perspective to say:

Seriously, WTF!?! (I blame Pinterest.)

And the way I feel upon giving myself permission to think outside the One Day box can only be described in song:

As corny as it sounds — and is — I do feel that I can see Roberto clearly now that we have unburdened ourselves with an expensive One Day Wedding.

My attitude changed from “There’s plenty of time to love each other AFTER our wedding” to “There’s no time to waste! I choose you right now!”

Fancy centerpieces be damned!

On Wednesday, for our 39th wedding, we created a makeshift centerpiece from the tealights we had on our patio table and decided we’d try our hand(s) at a unity candle. Okay, so you can’t light a candle with two tealights. Lesson learned. (See awkward candle video below.) But we had fun trying. And now we’ll never throw out those tealight shells. By bringing a few simple household objects into our wedding ceremony, we added value to those items that extra zeroes couldn’t buy.

We’ve had found object weddings before. For our first wedding, Roberto used the tie on my beach dress as a makeshift ring. Two weeks later, we had colorful soda bottles as centerpieces/refreshments for our surprise BBQ wedding. As for floral arrangements, the 20 peso bouquets Beto brings me “for no reason” work perfectly — and last through several weddings!

Truth is, when you look at things through eyes of love, anything can be beautiful. Wedding worthy. Ceremonial. Pinnable.

And now I know why I could never find the perfect damn centerpiece on Google. It was in my house all along.

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