What’s the “Bad” Part of The One Year Wedding So Far?

This Good/Bad/Ugly series is the first time we’ve spoken so openly about some of our (less public) motivations for canceling our One Day wedding and choosing to get married every day instead. (The “Good” and the “Bad” are connected, in that way.)

What’s the bad part of The One Year Wedding?

As I shared in the last post, we didn’t discuss our answers with each other before shooting this. It was the first time I heard Roberto express his pain and disappointment over not having the same relationship with my family that I have with his. Of course, that’s to be expected. We live in Mexico and my family lives in the USA. We are just a few miles distance from Roberto’s extended fam. (And quite a few hours away from mine.) But, as you’ll hear Roberto share in the video, our families’ perceptions of our relationship and marriage also couldn’t be further apart.

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