What Do You Have Planned For Your Wedding Today? Nothing! Roz & Mocha’s Questions Answered

Earlier today, Canada’s Kiss 92.5 FM aired our interview with Roz & Mocha. Er, my interview with Roz & Mocha. (We spoke at 4:30 AM and I figured only one of us needed to suffer through the wakeup call. Roberto is grateful.)

They asked some tough questions — questions I couldn’t fully answer without Roberto’s input, so later in the day we took a walk in the woods for Wedding #89 (this was Thursday, today is Lucky #93!) and Roberto shared his thoughts.

How do we plan each wedding? How much does it cost? Are we rich? Are we stupid? Are we even really married? (That’s a solid No across the board.) And, maybe the most interesting:

What’s the difference between our “wedding” and two people who simply declare their love for each other each day?

Tune into Wedding #89 for some of the answers! (And a tour of the surprise majesty tucked behind our house.)

Thanks for the inspiration, Roz & Mocha!

Check out the full Kiss 92.5 FM interview here.

Some couples pay BIG BUCKS to recreate a magical forest oasis like this for their nuptials — we nabbed our woodsy wedding for $0. What a deal.


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