Wedding Hack For International Couples: Video Thank You Cards

Mail from Mexico to the USA takes its sweet time. Who can blame it? There’s plenty to see between Chiapas and Chicago, so our approach to mail is…not to send it. By the time we think about sending something important up to friends and family “in the North,” it’s almost always too late, anyway. (To be safe, I’d always give it a good eight weeks. We’re still receiving Christmas cards in February!) We stick to digital communication.

However, maybe it’s the old school Dear Abby in me (or just my mom) but I feel like email just doesn’t cut it when it comes to thank you notes.

I grit my teeth every time I send a digital thank you. My mother taught me to thank people for gifts in writing. On stationery designated for gratitude, whenever possible. And I have to agree with her. Receiving a handwritten thank you is always touching — even moreso now that it seems to have gone out of style.

So, what to do about wedding thank yous to our loved ones in the USA and other parts of the world? (Thank you notes keep me up at night, so I’ve thought a lot about this.) Best case scenario, we’d like to be able to do it in person. No dice. Handwritten will take months. What’s the next best thing? Video! Boom. Let’s do this.

This morning, Roberto and I set up the camera and spent an hour recording personalized videos for our (first) list of thank you, thank you, thank youuuuus. And it was a blast! (Puffy even had a few cameos.)

For a lonely ex-pat like me, I enjoyed setting aside a part of my day to create special messages for loved ones back home.

To be clear, this “wedding hack” isn’t a time saver. Recording, then editing, then uploading all your personalized videos takes 3-6 hours per batch — quite a bit longer than the time it takes to write a handwritten note and send it. But, we do believe it’s an extra special way “hand touched” way to show your gratitude as a couple — and if you’re international like us, an opportunity to “introduce” your partner to folks far away.

Video thank you - The One Year Wedding

Editing our first batch of personalized video thank you cards

Of course, the jury (er, my mom) is still out on how “thank you videos” measure up, etiquette wise. We’ll let you know when we finish sending out our first batch! What about you? Yay or nay on personalized thank you videos? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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