Today Is My Wedding Day. And My Honeymoon. And My Anniversary. What?!

Today I woke up a bride-to-be, a newlywed, and a ball ‘n’ chain. 38 days ago, my fiancé/groom/husband and I decided to cancel our big March 8th wedding and get married instead. One wedding every day for a year!

And, while the first five weeks of weddings have been incredible, something is missing…

It’s you!

Today, we invite the world to be a part of our One Year Wedding and join us as we explore love as an intentional, daily practice. Love as a choice. Love as a verb.

As I share in our first Q&A video (check it out here) after marrying my husband Roberto 38 times so far, I have felt my love for him grow every single day, with every single promise. Our weddings have been simple and sloppy — far from the vision of bridal bliss I grew up with in the wedding obsessed USA and closer to the messy and miraculous stuff I’ve heard happy veterans of marriage and partnership tell me off the record.

To put it simply, marrying Roberto every day is teaching me what it means to love someone intentionally and unconditionally.

And it’s freaking awesome.

So we just couldn’t wait another day to share it with you! Consider this your invitation. For a glimpse at what The One Year Wedding is about, take a look at our trailer and don’t miss our first Q&A (with a recap of our first 35 weddings).

Now I think I’ll go and ask Roberto if he’ll marry me.

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