The Multiple Wedding Movement: My Chat with Bride-in-Progress Morgana Rae

When The One Year Wedding was born, I spent a few days furiously Googling to find other couples who had embarked on a similar adventure. I didn’t find much. Guess I didn’t look hard enough because over the past ten months, I have discovered more and more couples who choose to veer from The One Day Wedding path to celebrate their partnerships in ways unique and meaningful to them. (Like the British couple who had 52 traditional marriage ceremonies in different contexts. Or the Tennessee couple who broke records with 109 nuptials.)

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with one such “bride-in-progress”, Morgana Rae, who is marrying her husband Devin 100+ times in 100 countries. (11 down, 89 to go!)

Even after 11 weddings in Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Mexico — the list goes on — Morgana Rae is still blushing (okay, I’m just making that up since I only think I heard the blush in her voice) with love and head-over-heels glee for her groom. I haven’t “met” Devin, but from what Morgana shared, it seems she’s got a hopeless romantic on her hands. (She’s not complaining.)

It was Devin who proposed 100 Weddings on what was to be their honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The way Morgana tells the story, they were standing in front of a church when Devin said, “Want to get married again?” (We know her answer.) They happened to be traveling with a marriage officiant, so they entered the church, and had Wedding #2 right there and then. Oooh, I get chills.

Now they are 11 weddings into their 100 Weddings in 100 Countries and you’ll have to visit their blog for the details. (I don’t want to give away too much of their amazing story.) But it involves 1,000 year old castles, cliffs, Renaissance garb, and maybe an upcoming reality show!

I think what I found most inspiring about Morgana and Devin’s story, beyond the fabulous fairy tale details, was the intention behind it: Morgana revealed some of the imperfections that happen along the way when you get married multiple times and how she and Devin embraced every single sloppy, not-quite-storybook moment. Their goal is not to get married for marriage’s sake, but to find new, exciting ways to celebrate their love for one another. If you ask me, it’s a recipe for relationship success: Morgana’s main focus is loving and cherishing her partner and it shows. They are a lucky pair and I wish them a lifetime of happiness (and maybe a lifetime of weddings!)

Congratulations, Morgana and Devin!

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  1. I guess better late than never. We have now been married in 12 countries. Turkey happened just a couple of weeks ago. Next we are planning our trip to Asia. And correct, we are doing this for the sake of our long-term relationship.

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