That One Time Jimmy Fallon Made Fun Of Our Wedding + Our Video Response

So, Jimmy Fallon is “angry” at us and we think it’s pretty hilarious. Last night, The One Year Wedding made The Tonight Show (!?!) in Jimmy’s opening monologue. In a nutshell, Jimmy really wants us to “get a job” and “do something good for the world.” (And we want Jimmy to do his research!)

You can find the full episode on the NBC website.

Naw, but in all seriousness — we got a kick out of Jimmy’s trash talkin’, which is NOTHING compared to the comments we received on The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, and not to mention the post entitled “God Save The Soul Of This Man Whose Wife Is Making Him Have A Wedding Every Single Day For A Year.” (We won’t even give them the satisfaction of linking to the article.)

We had fun with our 15 minutes, but, too bad so many people missed the point! Joke’s on them, though, because we, uh, actually love each other! Hate all you want! We’re keeping the love flowin’.

Here’s our video response to Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show:

Jimmy, you can trash talk us, but now that you know the truth, will you marry us?

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