Our Unintentional Magi-Themed Valentine’s Wedding (Or, That Time I Ate My Words)

So, remember how I told you yesterday that Valentine’s Day sucks and we don’t do it anymore? Okay, that’s still (kinda) true. After my Valen-tantrum last year, I resolved to play it cool this time around. No big “To Do” just because that’s what people do. Every day is an occasion for love!

And I was going strong, despite all my instincts to sprinkle heart shaped confetti across my life. I woke up nostalgic for my mom’s heart shaped french toast and the little red jellies she always puts in the candy dish. But I toughed it out. I aaaalmost reached for a frying pan, but I remembered we needed gas for the stove…

Oh, and Rach! Remember! No Valentine’s Day this year! Because every day is an occasion for love!

Like I said, going strong…

I whispered a secret “Happy Valentine’s Day” to my dog and then sat down to write a blog about how Valentine’s Day sucks. Meanwhile, on Facebook, I let out a few puffs of confetti. Regroup.

Bring it down, Rach. Bring. it. down.

I finished the blog. And, yes, I believe every word that I wrote. I also believe that I have a can of heart shaped confetti inside me that is ready to burst whenever love is in the air. Even if Hallmark put it there. So, I can’t say I wasn’t overjoyed when, as I hit publish on my “Valentine’s Day Sucks!” blog, Roberto appeared with a rose and a handwritten note.

“But, wait! W-w-w-w-ait. I am literally publishing a blog right now about how we don’t believe in Valentine’s Day and we don’t do it anymore! I thought you didn’t like this stuff!”

“I don’t.” He said. Smiling. “But you do, so what the hell?!”

There you have it, folks. A Valentine Gift of the Magi.

I gave up my confetti covered Valentine vice for Beto and he gave into the Valent-industry for me. Except he did it his way — sans Hallmark and Hershey’s. And I got to sprinkle a little heart shaped confetti on the day, after all.

What can I say? Valentine’s Day sucks. But sometimes it doesn’t.

Happy Day After Valentine’s! Let’s keep the love alive all year!

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