About Rachael and Roberto

We are a binational couple living in Chiapas, Mexico, where we met in 2010. Rachael is originally from the suburbs of Chicago and Roberto was born and raised in San Cristóbal de las Casas. How did we meet? The short answer is salsa dancing in downtown San Cris. (The long answer will have to wait for its own video Q&A…)

Rachael and Roberto - The One Year Wedding

Rachael and Roberto – The One Year Wedding

Shortly after we met, Roberto relocated to Germany and we both “moved on” with our lives. (Heartbroken, Rachael remembers thinking, “I’ll just have to find another Roberto…”) Two years later, on Roberto’s holiday visit home, we bumped into each other again — salsa dancing, wouldn’t you know it? — and this time we couldn’t “move on” so easily. We became best friends, daily Skype buddies, and by summer, Rachael had a one way ticket to Germany.

Today, we’re back in Mexico, where we run a web design boutique, RKA ink, to fund our heartwork — social art projects with youth here in Mexico and around the world. We see The One Year Wedding as a launchpad for a lifetime of love, starting with each other and expanding to include our greater global family.

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2 Responses to “About Rachael and Roberto”

  1. How wonderful, sweet, genius, creative, out-of-the-box is this!??
    It made me cry to hear you guys talking again! I felt like sitting next to you, thinking,
    “I love this interaction, how they look at each other, this fire…”
    This is so much more you than any other wedding!
    My favorite is the “post-fight”-wedding!
    Congratulations!!! Every day! I love you!

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