525,600 Minutes

Because we believe one day is not enough, we said "We Do" for every day of 2014. It wasn't the wedding of our dreams: it was beyond anything we could have ever imagined! Warts and all.
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Each Day a Honeymoon and an Anniversary

Our goal for The One Year Wedding was to intentionally practice love as a daily choice, treating each day as our wedding day, our honeymoon, and our anniversary. Watch The One Year Wedding Q&A for more on the "Why?"

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From the wedlog...

Meet the bridal party...

The One Year Wedding Bride


The Bride

Rachael is originally from the suburbs of Chicago. She studied Theater and Law before moving to Chiapas, Mexico (where she met her groom) to volunteer as an arts facilitator with youth. Today, she works as a web designer to fund her heartwork in Mexico and around the world.

    The One Year Wedding Groom


    The Groom

    Roberto is from San Cristóbal de las Casas, where he lives with Rachael and their wedding pup, Puffy. Roberto is a Spanish (and salsa) teacher as well as project manager at RKA ink. In his spare time, Roberto is a celebrated living room guitarist and he makes a mean empanada.

      The One Year Wedding Dog


      The Pup of Honor

      Puffy, named by Roberto's nephew Alex, was originally meant to live with Roberto's sis but she ended up with the bride and groom. Puffy is not a huge fan of The One Year Wedding (yet) and is jealous when the bride and groom pay attention to anyone other than her. Sorry, Puff! You're an obligatory guest.

        The One Year Wedding Guests


        The Guests

        This website is our invitation to our family, friends, and community to share in The One Year Wedding with us. Head up to "Will you marry us?" with questions, ideas, and info on participating in one of our 365 weddings! Save the dates!

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